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Why Facebook Advertising Necessary In Bangladesh?

Now it’s digital era, in this time for your company or marketing of brand digital marketing is important. social media marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing. facebook is more popular than others. from the resource it’s known that Dhaka is in 2nd position at using facebook. Apart from this person of Bangladesh use facebook at a large rate. while browsing facebook, we can see advertisers of many online shops, companies, and many personal pages. It’s very easy to pass information to people about product and service through facebook marketing.  So, you can do the same thing to publicity through facebook marketing about your product or service.

What Is The Lowest Amount Of Tk For Giving Facebook Ads?

To run an ad with our service it will cost 30,000. The ad can be started from 1dollar (USD) daily on facebook. For business purpose & quality service, we had to fix the lowest budget. Promotions & results are proportional to the budget. If 5dollars is used daily, for every click we can get 10 times better result, for 50dollars. If clicks rate increase fan numbers will increase too. Our service charges are given below:

  • For every dollar (USD) usage our cost is 100tk
  • Minimum budget is 30,000tk ($100will be spent)
  • Daily minimum budget is $10

But the for the experimental ad, you have to spend 10,000tk. The promotion will work till ten days. While running ads you can expand the budget money at any time. Facebook grants ad in the lower budget than this. But you can’t get the better result in a very low rate. Rather it will be questioned about our total advertising or our services. If your budget is lower than 10,000tk  its requested not to contact with us.

How Will Facebook Use Your Money & How Long Facebook Will Run An Ads?

Two options are given to create an FB ads in Bangladesh. From there you can select billing options as per your choice.

  1. Counting of clicks (CPC) when a facebook user will see your ad by clicking it, facebook will charge. (Generally, the cost of every click in Bangladesh is $0.03-$0.50).
  2. Counting of impression (CPM) for watching 1000times. (cost of per watching in Bangladesh is $0.01-$0.35).

It’s actually your decision. You can use your budget dollar in your required day. The smart algorithm of facebook tries to use that budget within that time. Likely, for the budget $50 you can take 1day, 2day, 5day etc. We are giving monthly facebook marketing service, within that time if facebook is unable to spend that budget, leftover money will be added from next month.

One Can Give Ads With Their Own. Why Will You Get Service From Us?

Ads are not only spending money, it’s the combination of creativity, experience, and many other things. Technically if you’re one payment is done, you can give ads. Facebook has created the system of creating & publishing an ad with every account. Many are using it for running a campaign. For three reasons help of any agency is needed:

  • EXPERIENCE: professional & inexpert hand differs. Facebook Advertising Agency is giving many ads of different business from many many days. They work keeping facebook community standard, ads policy, conversion rate, bid, placement, detailed interest in their mind. As an agency our motive is every customer of us get the best result of their investment.
  • PAYMENT CHANNEL: Payment through facebook is not easy. Banks are full of formalities. Regular help from abroad is irritating. For this reason, one wants one stop full service from an agency.
  • CREATIVE CONTENT: agencies mainly create general ads content. Extra payment is taken for that. We give free of cost Facebook ads content if ads are at least of 10 dollars.
How Often Your Ads Will Be Shown?

It’s bounded by some own rules of facebook. (budget, quality score of ad, quantity & budget of opponent party etc) 700-3000 clicks will be done for the 5000tk budget. for watching 1 thousand time ad will be shown 1/2 lacs times.

How Can Be Understood About Costing & How Much Had Seen?

Report copy of ad will be sent to email daily. you can see live report while running an ad. apart from this last details report will be sent to the email.

To Inquiring Service By Giving Ad In 10,000 Tk What You Will Get Return Of This Money?

Creating your own Fb ads,100 dollars credit for that ad and the full report in next day.

What Will The Numbers Of Fans In The Page Make From 10,000 Tk Ads?

It can’t be said properly. If Bangladesh is the target, then for every click, the approximate cost will from 1.5cent to 12cents. (July 2015) it means 250/2000 visitors will visit your page. Who will like your page, they will become a fan by clicking it. Who will dislike it, they won’t click like button.

Dollar Value Is Very Low, Why You Are Taking 100 Tk?

Because we are not taking any service charges. Online advertising is a professional service not only dollar selling. we have started the system of pricing with a dollar in this country, where other institutions were doing in a different condition like 5tk for 1like. But for the clear rule of our dollar rate, everyone is eager to use and using it. Here we tried to give a fair rate. In this money, dollar value+bank charge+maintenance cost+our profit all are included. We can count any budget of the ad through this, here is no extra work of doing separately.

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